Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cardmaking for the Troops First Event

I had my first official event for From Our Hearts on Thursday. We had a steady stream of moms and children show up to help make cards for the troops. As you can see from the photos we made a lot of reindeer cards. We had a sweet little girl about 23 months sit on mom's lap and handle a stamp for a card. We also had a couple of 3 year olds make cards with mom's help. Everyone had a great time from toddler, to teen, to parent making cards. A special thank-you to Margaret and Stephanie for their help at the event, it was greatly appreciated. These pictures show the display board I made for the events I'm hosting, thanks so much to Susan for the pictures and letters and Leslie at a Whole Lotta Scrap for donated materials for the board. The second picture shows the card that Drake, a 3 year old, made with mom's help and the last picture is all the cards from the library event plus a few from my stamp club members. These cards will be off to From Our Hearts this week to be sorted and readied to head overseas to our military members. If you have the opportunity to make even just one card for the troops please do and send it in. It will make a world of difference in a military family's life.