Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Whole Lot of Pink Going On

 While I have been on break from Cards for the Troops events and in between holiday happenings, I have been working on getting my art space back in working order. Not quite there yet, but I have placed some inspiration on the walls. And yep, true to form, there's a lot of pink in my room :0)

This butterfly is what you see as you enter the door. On the other side of this very short wall is a 7 ft long closet to treasure for storage. The wall hanging below it was a giftie from the ByHand list's 12 days of Christmas swap. Wendy made this piece and it was too lovely to relegate to the Christmas box after Christmas.
 This is the wall opposite the entry so it's the 2nd thing you see after you enter the room. New display shelves in hot pink to match the hot pink curtains peeking through on the right. As soon as I unearth some of my art treasures, they will be displayed here. The pink ornament was my giftie for the 12 days of Christmas and a few friends. It's a pink ribbon inspired ornament that says "Hope" on one side and "Believe" on the other. The angel was a gift from my friend Christy and also too pretty to hide in a Christmas box.
 This is one of my message/inspiration centers. The upper canvas is a personal art piece and the memo board at the bottom matches the butterfly from the entry way. Just waiting for notes and cards from friends to inspire.
This center is just to the left of the above display wall and below the display wall my work table sits with Cricut, Big Shot, Sewing Machine, large Carl Cutter and Scor-it board. Have to have a place to start processing all the Cards for the Troops.
 Here's a close up of the "Words to Live By" canvas. I took a class at A Whole Lotta Scrap where I hold some of my Cards for Troops events and of course had to tweak it to match my room since the original had red instead of pink. I added my own words of inspiration and now I have a nice little art piece for my room.
I wanted a dress form of some type in my room and when I found this hanging one thought it was the perfect place for my ribbon rings. This piece sits on a narrow bit of wall next to the closet doors. You have to be leaving the room to see it or turn around after you enter. The remainder of my walls are lined with shelving to house a huge collection of art supplies and of course true to any artist that's been creating for more years than I like to count, does not all fit in one room. However, this is my main art space and maybe after a wee bit more organizing, I'll have some more pictures to share.

Hopefully I can get my challenge done this week and posted. I am sooo far behind. But things certainly start to look brighter as I get more organized.