Friday, July 6, 2007

Busy couple of days

As usual I've been busy with family type stuff. On Tuesday we went to the pool, our regular instructor is on a trip and Maria decided since it was a holiday week to work us extra hard. Mind you most of the ladies in this class are at least 20 years my senior since it's the arthritis class. I appreciate a good workout but not to exhaustion. Popped in to visit my best friend, Lara, later that day and got the beginnings of my 6x6 scrapbook pages started for our monthly swap. Lara is a Stampin Up demo and has the monthly club. I'm usually her designer for the projects. Then Colton and I headed off to the commissary and BX.

Wednesday I cleaned bathrooms and washed towels. Have to keep my household of 6 running. Our oldest daughter dropped off 2 huge buckets of fabric for making garb, now to figure out where to store it since I've been trying to pare down. Christi just graduated with her bachelors in Graphic Design and brought over some of her prints from her senior art show. I now have a copy of Eeyore and her strawberry diving into chocolate for my home. She did the prints from her originals and rescued them for me. She really is quite talented.

Then it was off with the guys to see Transformers the movie. Good show. My boys are ten years apart, so Matthew did Transformers when they originally hit the scene in the 80's and Colton did them a few years ago when they regained popularity again. So mom here has been a fan all along too. I have Matt's original Bumblebee car, he's always been my favorite character. Now Colton is shopping for the new version of Bumblebee so I have it also. Yes, I'm an artist with toys.

We tried the new restaurant in town. The food was so-so, overpriced and the service was lousy. We won't be returning there. Then home to watch the fireworks from our backyard. The city park where they set them off is less than a mile away from us.

Today is was back to the pool for more exhaustion, literally. Colton stayed home, smart kid. Then the dentist, yuck. Colton has to have his wisdom teeth removed before we can even think about braces. Just what we need another medical expense. So now we have to figure out how to work that into the budget. We are very fortunate that out of 4 children only one needs braces. Christi had her wisdom teeth removed, Matt has his fully grown in just like his dad, Shyloh's are growing in just fine so far but Colton had alot of trouble and now it has to be repaired or he'll have jaw problems for the rest of his life. Not something a teenager looks forward to and he got my oversensitive teeth. I took a pain pill before we left for the dentist and still had significant pain afterwards. Of course it doesn't help that my TMJ has been giving me h*** lately.

I yacked with Lara this afternoon, caught up on emails and finally got my pages cut out for the class I'm taking at Tomorrow I'll play with starting to put the book together. I'm still at week 1 and it's week 3 of class. So I'm hoping to spend a good portion of the weekend working on my book. Right after I get some sleep.