Friday, August 29, 2014

Facebook & Posting

Well I disappeared off the face of the earth again, just kidding. My knee took some extra healing time after surgery & I didn't take too well to the synvisc injections during July. However, I am happy to report that if not entirely pain free, I am again moving much better. Now on to crafty things.

I set up a Facebook page  
and am going to do my best to post here & link it to facebook too. I am teaching classes again to my friends & at my favorite scrapbook store which reopened Whole Lotta Scrap. Plus I plan on designing & creating more in general. I have been successful most of the past couple of months reserving about 3+ hours studio time each week. Yeah!

Part of the reason I have been creating more was the Daisy Yellow ICAD (index card a day) Challenge. During the months of June & July we were challenged to create 1 card a day for 61 days. This was my first year to try it & of course I turned it into a 100 day challenge. These are the 1st four cards I did. It's been a lot of fun & a great way to design in small scale & use leftover bits & pieces. I am on day 95.

I also opted to try & read my Bible for 100 days & am working my way through the Psalms. Not on my computer or tablet or phone but actually pick up my Bible & turn pages & read.  I am on day 77.

So wish me luck in posting more. I may have to turn posting into a challenge too :0)

Have a Fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

We are off to visit the new Chickasaw Cultural Center tomorrow.