Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still sorting

I'm still not up to the point where I can publish after pictures but I'm still sorting. The doctor was kind enough to give me a steroid shot to the knee Monday but I've still been able to do a little bit everyday this week and it feels so good to keep making progress. I think I pretty much have my organizer bags sorted out the way I'd like. I'm keeping 2 rolling totes packed and ready to travel to the scrapbook store to create cards and artwork on crop nights. I packed a basic supply kit of assorted cardstock, stamps and mini inkpads so I'm ready to roll. I also have a Krafter's purse on a carousel on my desk I work from all the time and a shoulder tote packed to travel also. I arranged my totes so I can work out of them at home without unpacking them all the time. What has to be my most favorite new organizational tool is the rolling beauty supply cart. I wanted an art taboret for beside my desk to keep the clutter to a minimum while I worked but keep several things handy. An art taboret can be pricey. Since I have a daughter in cosmetology school and saw that the beauty carts are similar to what I wanted, I waited until our local beauty supply had a sale and picked one up. It's a bit easier to keep the top of my desk clean now. Baby steps work as long as I keep seeing progress. It was really important to get my totes sorted out this week. Excitement builds as the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Tulsa draws closer next week. I'm going with 2 friends and we are taking 3 classes on Friday and plan to lay around the hotel room and veg on Saturday and play in our art supplies. I'm really looking forward to a creative weekend.