Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wild Artist Birthday

I am celebrating turning 50 this month. Since I am pretty conservative most of the time, my daughter suggested a tattoo for my birthday this year. I of course had to choose a butterfly :0) And here she is. The tattoo is on my lower calf area of my leg. I think the artist did a fabulous job. My husband isn't too keen but I don't think after 33 years of marriage, we are heading to divorce court over a tattoo, LOL! I told him my "bad girl artist" had to come out to play for my 50th. And no that's not a rash on my leg after the tattoo, I've got enough freckles for several people. The price of being a red haired fair skinned beauty :0) If you look at the scroll work, it looks like 2 A's are incorporated into the design. Perfect since my handle is "AngelArtistok" My one and only tattoo.