Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Shower Fun

 The second weekend in March was Margaret's Baby Shower. Babies are always fun and I love baby shopping so had a blast putting this together with Lori at church. You got to see the owl a few posts back. Here's the rest of the fun.

This diaper wreath was so much fun to create.

This banner was made by my friend Laura. She is wonderfully creative and the details on this banner are fabulous. Thanks Laura! Margaret loved it.

This is a close-up of the table decor. I made the diaper cake, owl and diaper flower arrangements. Just in case you are wondering, the wreath, cake, owl and flower arrangements took 4 packages of size 1 diapers. Lori did the centerpiece. I wish I had gotten a close-up of the diaper cake. The base is an adorable tutu Laura's friend creates for babies 

A wide shot of the decor. Laura also passed down the stroller and carseat for Margaret. My friend Christy gifted us with several decor and party items from her daughter-in-law's shower to help us put this shower together. Such a blessing for a new momma and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thanks!