Wednesday, December 5, 2007

With Loving Memories

Okay, I've avoided this for awhile now. I certainly hope 2008 is a better year. On Nov. 1st we had to say goodbye to Patches our momma kitty. She started grieving for the dog and then old age took over. She was 18 years old and we had her for 14 of those years as a rescue. My youngest son was very upset because she has watched over him since his birth. Fortunately we have 3 more kitties and his other baby Shadow has been of great comfort to him. Then on Nov. 7th we lost my Aunt Mo (Mona). She has been grandmother to my children for the past 10 years since my mom passed away and she's always been a second mom to me since I was a little girl. Again just devastating since it had only been a week since we had lost Patches and was totally unexpected. Aunt Mo was 78 and was independent right up until the end. I hope I'm that tough in my old age. It's been a rough month but I'm reminded constantly of life's blessings and how wonderful it is to give and share and strive to brighten up other's lives with a ray of sunshine. I believe that's why I create art, to share and bring a smile to someone's day. Life goes on and we have loving memories of those we've lost.