Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back on the Creative Track

Well, I'm finally feeling better and looking forward to updating my blog a bit more regularly now that my shoulder is fixed. Yeah! It's amazing how much pain a simple bone spur can cause. I'm thankful that I have a good doctor and he scheduled surgery to take care of it before it caused tearing of the rotator cuff. It will be another 4 weeks before I'm more active but I'm already doing short bits of creating. So my goal this week is to start posting new pics on Thursday this week. Today and tomorrow are filled with check-ups and PT and grocery shopping with help of course. Another project I'm debating is weeding out and reorganizing my supplies again. Seems to be a yearly bug but when you've got limited space, it's either work with it or it becomes a disaster quick. Hubby wants the breakfast nook back for a small table and chairs. We haven't had a dining room table in a little over 6 years now but with the kids getting older, I think he feels we can sit and chat sometimes over a meal or snack. He's preferred his meals in front of the TV since we married after working 12 and 14 hour days so he could zone out. It's kind of sweet that we are planning more ways to spend time on us. And we did the requisite family meals when the kiddos were younger, then he went and turned on the TV :0) Family meals now are usually reserved for holidays and birthdays. Until the shoulder is stronger, organizing is limited to the planning stages. Since our retreat had to be canceled due to my shoulder and being short a couple of participants for the retreat center, I can't wait until Saturday! We have a brand new scrap store in town and I'm going to the all day crop for National Scrapbooking Day. Love the new store and the owner Leslie is so friendly and wonderful! I like shopping where I feel welcome. And since May is my birthday month, what better way to celebrate then signing up for a couple of new classes. So I've already treated myself to my birthday presents. :o) Plus I got in a handful of new stamps to do some new design work. Designing is half the fun. So after I update some of my work for the past couple of months, there will be some fresh work arriving soon.