Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started

Well after a 2 month break from all my Cards For The Troops activities, it's time to get to creative again. Not that I haven't been working hard and creating, but on a short sabbatical. I'm still sorting a tremendous amount of the house and my art supplies and gearing up for the next round of Cards For The Troops events. While on break I celebrated my 32nd wedding anniversary with hubby in Hot Springs. This was the view that greeted us when we opened the door to our condo, Fabulous! It felt like we could walk right out onto the water. A very relaxing week. When we got home, I cleared out enough of the house to have a great yard sale. There's a bit more breathing space around here now and hopefully there will be more soon. I got so used to the military moving us every 3 years that now that we are retired, I have to clean out from time to time. 22 years of habit. My youngest daughter is moving out August 1st and I'll move my art space into her room. A bit more room to spread out and get organized in, yippee! She asked me what happened if she had to move back home, if she'd get her old room back. Nope, not happening sweetheart. You move out, you get what mom and dad give you when you move back. Somehow I don't think she'll be moving back in anytime soon. In the meantime, my muse thinks I've forgotten what creating is like. Itching to get back on track here. So Fridays are officially art day for the time being. With so much going on including painting as well as organizing, I had to decide on a day that was sacred for art until the house projects are done. I'm sure I'll be snatching time here and there with 5 events coming up. But hey, now I have something to look forward to. More posting coming your way soon with artwork included :0)