Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots of Cards for From Our Hearts

This is what has kept me busy for the past couple of weeks. I have been prepping for and having workdays at the Cleveland County Christmas Store program. Our Christmas Store helps low income families provide presents for their families for Christmas. When they sign-up, they are required to put in 2 hours of work in order to be able to "shop". I signed up for 14 two hour sessions with Cards for the Troops to represent From Our Hearts. After 5 days/10 sessions and one day at OU for a short 40 minute session at a work retreat, I am working on the 7th box of cards to mail to From Our Hearts
I mailed 5 of the boxes off on Monday a total of 1466 cards. After 11 more kits were finished at yesterday's workday I am looking at nearly 1800 cards completed in just over a week's time! I have 2 more days the week after Thanksgiving and then this year is a wrap and time for a much needed break. 

And speaking of breaks, my first treat comes tonight, Thursday and Friday. I signed up for classes with Cheryl Mezzetti at our local scrapstore where I hold From Our Hearts events. I get to make 3 cool mini books and learn a ton of techniques to help keep my creativity fresh and inspiring. On that note, I am off to pack for class.

Remember just one gift of kindness can make a big difference in someone's life. Do something  nice for someone today.