Monday, July 7, 2008

July 2nd

Here's my Doc-u-ment 31 for July 2nd:

Don't know how well you can see the peacock image in this wrought iron fence but I thought it was so cool. Art in unexpected places, should look for it more often. This wrought iron fence is surrounding a large tree in our new pediatrician's office. The tree is filled with butterflies, birds, stuffed monkeys and snakes. Surrounding the tree is "water" with stuffed rainbow fishy poking out along with river rock and the like. But since I like peacock's so much, that's what caught my attention the most.

My Document 31

Well let's see how well I can keep up blogging and journaling this month. I decided to take up this challenge:

So far I have a picture for each day and most of my journaling but I haven'e made my book yet. Started but not there.

So here's a snippet of July 1st:

I decided I needed a break from regular household duties and declared it "me" week. With the Document 31 challenge I decided to declare it "me" month. Unfortunately some home duties can't be avoided but I will be spending more time chillin' just for me. So I'm moseying along at my pace. So today I'm poking about the house, got some extra rest and cleaned off my art desk. The picture of the day is Shadow one of my fur babies. She's laying next to my desk chair and just luxuriated in a round of pets from mom. Here's to a luxuriating month of "me".