Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Art Room Part 3

This is the back of the entrance door. I placed least used tools and items here. The door is rarely closed. Usually up against the wall behind the door is where I tuck the display board for the Cards for Troops events.

Here is the very narrow space in front of the desk. 2 of the iris drawer units sit here. You can see the one in front of the desk and the edge of the one by the door. My trolley cart is also sitting there. It will move closer to my desk as I get more organized. It houses most reached for items.
This is the wall opposite the desk next to the entry door. The cart you see will be leaving the room and most likely end up on craigs list for sale. There is a second one in the garage. This is the space where the paper organizer will go. Everything has been measured and remeasured to make sure it will fit.
This is the floor and corner by the closet across from the desk. There is a book shelf hiding behind all this stuff under the window with art books and magazines on it. The 3rd metal shelving unit here houses most of my 20+ year collection of rubber stamps. The unmounteds and my Stampin' Up stamps are in other units outside of this room. All the junk on the floor is awaiting shorting and either a new location or out the door for good.
This is the junk on the floor in front of the rolling cart that's leaving. The cart and this stuff is more items that need sorted and either given a new home or it's out the door.

More pictures in a day or two. This has been a lot of work so far. But I am seeing great progress to making this a room to hide out and create in.

Art Room Part 2

This is the current view of the desk piled high with stuff that needs a home. I couldn't resist the fluffy ribbon board from a craft vendor. The blue wall unit I got on clearance at the BX for $10 and houses some of my favorite oriental stamps. The small 2ft wide bookcase is perfect for often reached for items. It is just so much fun to live in semi organized, completely disarrayed chaos. LOL!
This is the shelving unit you saw in the first post. It was flipped to the opposite wall from it's original position. The items on the third shelf down will be moved to make space for more often reached for items. One of the iris drawer units sits behind my chair and a stack of hat boxes that hold the majority of my ribbons.
Here is how I utilized the closet. I already owned all these drawers and figured this was the best new location for them and best use of the closet space.
Here you can see that I have sorted all the drawers and labeled them and there are 12 empty ones now awaiting new supplies. All 3 iris drawer units have been sorted and labeled too and 2 of those drawers are empty also. I labeled a lot of things previously but as interests change it was necessary to re-evaluate and resort some items. I have one big box of unloved supplies ready for a new home and a thrift shop bag started so far. Slow and steady.

Art Room Part 1

This is the beginnings of my new art room after my oldest son moved out nearly a year ago. You will see as the photos progress that hubby is not a patient man and most of my stuff got shoved in the room. Although you will see piles all over the house awaiting sorting. This room is 11 x11, it is the smallest bedroom in the house. It received a fresh coat of paint and then I started to add shelving about 8 months ago, one payday at a time.
Picture one shows the fresh paint and the first set of shelves by the closet door.
Remember the paper organizer? Here it is in the garage half painted. A lot of work but it's looking a whole lot better.
Here is the entrance to the room today. My big desk has been moved in, along with a whole lot of art supplies that need sorting. There are now 3 big steel shelving units, a taller skinny shelving unit, 2 smaller bookcases, my triple set of black iris drawers, my rolling trolley and a couple of other assorted pieces. All overflowing. The sorting has begun in earnest.
This is the view as you turn right upon entering. The big shelving unit is nearly organized. The middle 2 shelves need a bit of clean-up from moving everything around for about the 3rd time but house the supplies and materials for the Cards for the Troops events I host. It was essential to create a spot just for these supplies.